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Monday, April 28, 2014


Call of Duty Ghosts also referred to as decision of Duty 10 is that the tenth main decision of Duty game. It had been developed by eternity Ward, Neversoft and Raven software package. It had been confirmed that a decision of Duty game was in development on Feb 7, 2013. 

Set to occur 10 years once a devastating mass event, the u.s. of America is not any longer a country, with its economy and government in ashes. the rest of the nation's Special Operations Forces, the Ghosts, fight a fresh emerged technologically superior international power not for freedom, or liberty, however merely to survive.

Players area unit able to peek around cowl whereas still having the ability to fireplace (leaning), mechanically mantle objects, and customise their character's gender, patch, uniform, and plenty of different options. They're additionally able to activate environmental hazards, instead of the hazards mechanically activating while not player interference. This enables players to try to to some hidden sub-missions which is able to end in new twists within the campaign plot line. Campaign is linear, however hidden sub-missions are going to be Easter egg like, and that they are going to be unsecured if players acquire sure objects or if they are doing a particular action.

Recommended System Requeirements :
RAM : 8 GB RAM  
DirectX : DirectX 11
Free Disk Space : 40 GB 
 CPU : Intel Core i5 - 680 @ 3,6GHz
VGA :Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 @ 4 GB
Sound Card : DirectX compatible sound card
OS : Windows 7 64-Bit or Windows 8 64-Bit
Internet : Broadband connection and service required for Multiplayer Connectivity. Internet connection required for activation.


Single player

Call of Duty Ghosts options a very new setting, characters, and system, although it's within the same universe. It still options linear sections, however it's aforementioned to own "easter eggs" at intervals the game to change missions slightly. The setting of the game could be a destroyed U.S.A. 10 years once associate degree norse deity strike, launched via satellite once a hijacking, destroyed the landscape and invasion from the federation, a conglomeration of many south yankee countries. The one player options a dog companion named Riley, fighting in location, a story that includes a team of "Ghosts" who area unit remnants of elite U.S. Army Special Forces groups, and varied different options.

Setting and Characters

CALL OF DUTY GHOSTThe game's main protagonists area unit the Ghosts, a force of U.S. Special Operations personnel trained to conduct covert missions behind enemy lines. The unit is junction rectifier by retired U.S. Army Captain Elias Walker (Stephen Lang). He's joined by his sons Logan and David "Hesh" Walker, in conjunction with Booth and Neptune, a trained shepherd dog named Riley, and Cdr. Thomas A. Merrick of the Navy Seals.

Call of Duty Ghosts is about in associate degree alternate timeline from our world that follows the nuclear destruction of the center East. The oil producing nations of South America kind the Federation in response to the following international economic condition and quickly grow into a world country, fleetly incursive and conquest Central America and therefore the Caribbean. The game's main antagonist is a former Ghost leader, Gabriel T. Rorke who eventually became a traitor once being captured and brainwashed victimisation torture and hallucinogens who's currently works with the Federation.

Plot outline

The game begins with Elias telling his sons concerning the legend of however the Ghosts 1st appeared. In the meantime in house, the Federation hijack the dominant orbiter of the Orbital Defense Initiative (ODIN), associate degree orbital superweapon that utilizes kinetic bombardment, and use it to destroy cities within  the southwestern u.s. The extant yankee astronauts sacrifice themselves to self destroy the orbiter and stop the opposite Norse deity satellites from launching their payloads any landlocked. Elias and therefore the young Logan and David narrowly escape the destruction of city.

10 years later, the u.s. has fought the Federation to a stalemate on a front that contains the destroyed cities, additionally referred to as "No Man's Land". Logan and Hesh area unit a part of a U.S.A. unit commanded by Elias through a patrol, they spot associate degree yankee is functioning with the Federation who is named Gabriel T. Rorke. Soon after, the brothers area unit ambushed and reclaimed by members of the Ghosts who area unit seeking their companion mythical being, who was captured by Rorke. Logan and Hesh be a part of the mission to rescue mythical being however arrive too late to rescue him and once he's killed by Federation soldier, they reunite with their leader who reveals himself because the leader of Ghosts. Basic cognitive process his sons area unit able to be a part of his team, Elias welcomes them into the Ghosts and that they learn from him that Rorke once were their leader. However, throughout a undefeated mission to assassinate General Almagro, so that president of the Federation within the capital national, Elias is forced to abandon Rorke, however instead turned traitor and is currently looking down his former companions.

The Ghosts manage to find and capture Rorke, however whereas flying back home, Rorke's men attack their plane and rescue him. The team unit then is forced to land deep into the Amazon Jungle wherever they witness a rocket being launched with associate degree unknown purpose. Once reunited and reclaimed, the Ghosts storm a Federation laboratory within the mountain range and procure knowledge concerning a classified operation in a very manufactory at Rio Delaware Janeiro. To secure a path to the manufactory, the Ghosts destroy the Federation's Atlas oil platform set in Antartica to lure the enemy fleet faraway from their objective and sink their remaining destroyer guarding the Brazilian coast. Once within the manufactory, the team discovers that the Federation had reverse built the ODIN's technology and developed their own orbital bombardment system. Once destroying the manufactory, Elias and his sons regroup in Las Vegas however area unit captured by Rorke who kills Elias before of Hesh and Logan who later realize a chance to flee.

CALL OF DUTY GHOSTRealizing that after the Federation's Norse deity become operational they're going to be defeated permanently, the u.s. pool all their remaining forces synchronic attack to require down an enemy house center in Chile whereas alittle team of troopers boards a shuttle to require over the Federation satellites in house. Once each objectives area unit completed, Hesh and Logan pursue Rorke to penalise their father and area unit ostensibly undefeated, solely to seek out out throughout the aftermath that Rorke survived their battle. Logan makes an attempt to defend his wounded brother, however has his arm broken and is seize by Rorke, with the previous Ghost asserting his plans to brainwash Logan into killing the remainder of the team. In a very post credits scene, Logan is seen being unbroken within a pit within the jungle, presumptively looking identical torture ways that Rorke went through.

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