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Thursday, October 2, 2014

WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15
WWE 2K15 can begin a replacement era of WWE video games and deliver the gambling expertise that fans have probed for generations! Through a replacement co-development partnership between Visual Concepts and Yuke’s, with specialized in core gameplay, visual and audio enhancements, and fresh game modes, WWE 2K15 can deliver the foremost authentic, comprehensive and action-packed WWE computer game expertise so far.

Key Features: 

Collaborative Development : WWE 2K15 can see Visual Concepts get together with long-standing developer Yuke’s to bring the WWE computer game expertise to next-generation formats. Praised for its efforts on 2K’s distinguished NBA 2K series, Visual ideas can bring its established pedigree to WWE 2K15 through style processes, gameplay innovations, commitment to sports simulation credibility and additional.

Gameplay Enhancements : WWE 2K15 can considerably improve the core gameplay expertise through key additions and enhancements designed to promote the franchise currently and into the longer term. From fresh motion capture technology to animation advancements to a number of to-be-announced options, WWE 2K15 can deliver a premium sports simulation in line with WWE’s tv and live event offerings.

WWE 2K15

Next-Gen Superstars : WWE 2K15 can make the most of the position capture technology seen within the NBA 2K series, with target the top, body and signature countenance, to constitute an associate degree unprecedented level of model credibility (PS4, Xbox One only). Extran presentation enhancements, as easily as the lighting modifications, can dramatically affect the looks of featured WWE Superstars and Divas, leading to an extremely lifelike and natural expression.

Feel the Noise : WWE 2K15 can any replicate the WWE tv expertise through intensive enhancements to audio depth and character. In-game comment can see quite 5 times the quantity of recorded lines compared with previous franchise iterations. Additionally, all in-ring sound effects are going to be overhauled to any enhance the action.

New Game Modes : Keep tuned as we tend to close to launch to be told additional concerning new game modes and surprises creating their debut in WWE 2K15!

WWE 2K15

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