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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Play on till the ultimate whistle with the 2011 edition of EA's officially-licensed FIFA game series. FIFA football game eleven delivers a real football game expertise with authentic club and league licenses and gameplay refinements and innovations that mix to form the entire football game simulation.

Recommended Requeirements :

VGA :Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 / Radeon HD 6870
 CPU : Intel Core i5-2550K / AMD FX - 6300
  OS : Windows 7 64 Bit or 8
 Free Disk Space : 15 GB
Direct X : DX 11.0  
RAM : 8 GB 

FIFA 11 reinvents player credibleness -- on and off the ball -- each player and at every position on the pitch with Personality, Associate in Nursing all-new feature that sees individual talents mirrored in the game, sanctioning clear differentiation for each player. With Personality a footballer's talents on the pitch is reflected genuinely in the game, making individual personalities. Goalkeepers have additionally been injected with Personality, thus whether or not athletic or ancient, can dictate his vogue in the game.

FIFA 11 additionally introduces new professional Passing wherever pass accuracy is set by a gamer's ability of the management pad, and player ability, scenario and urgency on the pitch, yielding a deeply gratifying passing system. Plus, a series of latest customization tools can modify fans to remodel FIFA 11 in new and in person purposeful ways in which. Assign custom chants for each team and league and play music tracks from your existing library from inside the sport. 


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Personality -- Temperament  sees a footballer's performance on the pitch reflected genuinely in the game, making clearly differentiated players with individual personalities. Personality at each position and for each player on the pitch reinvents however, players perform – on and off the ball. 

Personality Goalkeepers -- The real-life temperament of the Keeper, whether or not gymnastic or ancient, can dictate his vogue within the game. Dive attributes can confirm the keepers with the flexibility to succeed in for any shots whereas Reflex attribute confirm reaction times. 


Personality CPU AI -- CPU controlled soccer stars have a set of talent moves to use, with star player attributes and specific behaviors attributed to explicit players. 

Personality Celebrations -- User Controlled Celebrations two. 0 enhances the feeling of marking by permitting you to perform your players' trademark celebration and act together with your teammates in period. 


Personality Player Models -- Bigger sort of bodies and models any distinguishes every player on the pitch. Plus, new dribble, run designs dead match players' real-world talents and elegance. 

Personality Animations -- Additional varied and realistic animations can bring a new level of legitimacy. New heading animations differentiate downward strikes from deflections. That includes dozens of latest coping with, slide tackle and jostle animations with a large number of latest responses. 

Pro Passing System -- A brand new passing system wherever pass accuracy is decided by a gamer's ability of the management pad, and player talent, scenario and urgency on the pitch. Poor choices or over under putting the ball can mean fallible outcomes. New forms of passes like swerve passes can alter players to create a safer and more practical play.


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