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Monday, April 21, 2014



Assassin’s Creed IV pirate flag begins in 1715, once pirates established a lawless republic within the Caribbean and dominated the land and seas. These outlaws unfit navies, halted international trade, and empty Brobdingnagian fortunes. They vulnerable the facility structures that dominated Europe, impressed the imaginations of millions, and left a bequest that also endures.


The fullest Assassin’s Creed world ever created. Stand among legendary pirates Like Calico Jack, Benjamin Hornigold  and Blackbeard, as you identify a lawless republic within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and live over the actually explosive events that outlined the Golden Age of Pirates. From Kingston to capital of the Bahamas, explore 50 distinctive locations wherever you'll live the lifetime of a pirate. Captain and customise your own ship, hunt rare animals, rummage around for lost treasure and loot underwater shipwrecks.

Edward Kenway

Into this world sails a young, cocky, and dread captain named Edward Kenway. His talent with a steel and disdain for authority earn him the respect of pirate legends like Blackbeard, however thrust him into associate degree ancient conflict that threatens to destroy everything the pirates have designed.

Recommended System Requeirements :
 CPU : Intel Core i5-2400s @ 2,4 GHz/ AMD Phenom II X4 940 @ 3.0 GHz
OS : Windows Vista SP2 or W7 SP1 or W8 (both 32/64bit versions)
Sound Card : DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
VGA :Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 / AMD Radeon HD 5850
Free Disk Space : 30 GB
RAM : 4 GB RAM  


Locations and Navigation
About 60% of the game can occur on land players will explore 50 locations starting from trained worker villages, plantations, jungles, forts, islands, knight hideouts, mayan ruins and exotic coconut Islands. Moreover, there area unit around 75 beaches and sandbanks, which might hold numerous treasures and marooned sailors to feature to Edward's crew.

ASSASSIN'S CREED IV BLACK FLAGOther activities embody searching, harpooning and exploring underwater environments. The game aims to mix between its land and aquatic experiences seamlessly, to the purpose wherever players will merely dive off Edward's ship, swim and explore the land, yet as dive below the surface to loot underwater shipwrecks.

View Points also will be in pirate flag. As within the previous games, read points got to be synchronised thus on reveal data regarding a part and its surroundings. Further, they're going to conjointly serve the operate of fast-travel locations. Viewpoint synchronized unlocks a lot of loot and space of "interest" to Edward and may even be used as a quicker manner of locating a selected target.

Black Flag's combat has been upgraded to incorporate free aiming. Whereas previous installments relied on the game's constitutional machine aim, in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, players are able to simply aim and hearth, like third-person shooters.

Dual wielding weapons has conjointly been enforced, with Edward having the ability to hold four
flintlock pistols and be able to use all of them along, chaining up to four gunshots into a dance band of attacks to require down a lot of enemies. Apart from the pistols and his Hidden Blades, Edward will equip twin cutlas swords and chain their attacks along. Different weapons embody a blowpipe with multiple settled projectiles and cord darts. Incidental this, the hiding system has been remade and is inspired in game.  
Combo attacks area unit achieved through chaining multiple attacks during a row whereas uninterupted. The game includes many alternative ways in which of dance band moves, with some on the market through running towards an enemy or jumping onto an enemy from the status.

Naval combat
ASSASSIN'S CREED IV BLACK FLAGThe game also will embody armed service combat, with four-hundredth of the story going down on the water, which incorporates various facet missions. Once sorting out a ship with Edward's refracting telescope from the Jackdaw's platform and evaluating the knowledge and statistics, players will launch an attack exploitation numerous scenarios, one will merely shoot the opposing captain, board the ship by jump from mast-to-mast and acting an air assassination, or charge into the fray to chop down foes exploitation Edward's swords. Once the objectives for every boarding method, all of that embody killing an exact quantity of troopers, area unit completed, the player has 3 choices, cut back the Jackdaw's infamy, send the ship to Edward's fleet or salvage the ship to repair the Corvus monedula. Players also will be able to exploit weather patterns, luring the opposition into but ideal conditions like rougue waves, to their advantage. Armed service combat conjointly options a trajectory based aiming system that needs data of distance and therefore the speed and power of an enemy.
Players also will be able to upgrade Edward Kenway's vessel  the Corvus monedula through plundering, taking up enemy ships and finishing missions, granting the Corvus monedula with new weapons and talents. Of those, weapon upgrades embody missile, heat shot, chain shot, hearth barrels, mortars, swivel guns and a ram. Edward will recruit crew members for the Corvus monedula
via facet missions that embody bar fights, and battle missions whereas having the ability to rescue them once your simply sailing, however the crew members are expected to die within the game whereas coping with storms and boarding enemy ships, forcing Edward to ceaselessly recruit a lot of members. The game also will have six completely different (completely different) enemy archetypes stumped that each one behave in immensely alternative ways and need the player to own different upgrades to affect them.

Instead of Desmond Miles, the trendy day portion are targeted round the players themselves, World Health Organization act as Abstergo diversion analysis analysts that area unit reexperiencing the recollections of Edward Kenway. The Animus can now not constrain the players with its barriers
whenever they conceive to move with an setting the relative has not instead harder enemy ships will block the manner, with the sole manner around them being to really explore the globe, and finding things which will go towards upgrading the Corvus monedula. Additionally, players are able to connect with different players within the modern day, which is able to permit them to move and share data cooperation with each other.

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