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Wednesday, April 2, 2014




With its initial new major sports league partnership in over a decade, Semitic deity SPORTS presents Semitic deity SPORTS™ UFC. The next-generation of fighting has been engineered solely for the PlayStation four and XBOX ONE by the team behind the critically-acclaimed Fight Night franchise.

Powered by Semitic deity SPORTS IGNITE™ technology, Semitic deity SPORTS UFC brings the action, feeling and intensity within the Octagon™ to life in ways in which were ne\'er before attainable.

The next-generation of True Player Motion not solely showcases the various, powerful and fluid of attacks of elite mixed martial artists through exactness Movement, Dynamic hanging and Strategic Submission Battles, however conjointly brings the combatants to life with a Full Body Deformer and period travail.

Advances in technology by humans taking the leap forward with the strategic and adaptive  MMAi system and is expressed through the foremost realistic characters ever created in an exceedingly sports game.

UFC game


EA SPORTS UFC can set a brand new bar for character likeness and feeling in recreation. each single accredited fighter within the game has been created from high resolution 3D head and body scans to deliver revolutionary character likeness and credibleness. high-powered with the look and animations that gives a new face  additional expression, feeling and can communicate larger sense of awareness and intelligence within the Octagon™.

A mixed martial artist’s mind is as necessary as his heart. each accredited fighter within the game can have dynamical goals and fight plans, supported their real-life tendencies and every fight state of affairs. Stop their arrange A, and that they can adapt to arrange B or C. Down on the scorecards, explore for the AI to finish the fight with a knockout or a submission. a better opponent equals a more difficult and unpredictable fights.

Until now, simulation of physical contact between fighters was restricted to bodies that hardly created contact with every other, thus, they look and behave like the original cast fabricated from plastic instead of elite athletes. The team that revolutionised sports by transfer authentic physics to Fight Night changes the sport once more with Associate in Nursing all-new, full-body deformation system that moves and displaces the fighter’s flesh in real time. For the primary time, the strength of each submission and power of each strike can actually create an impact.

A UFC bout is {one of|one among|one in all|one amongst|one in each of} the foremost physically tightened sports on the world requiring martial artists to allow it their all with every movement. period elbow grease brings every moment of that action to life in your gameplay expertise. Through period vein pop, skin discoloration, muscle flex, moreover as signs of fatigue setting in through the course of every spherical, you\'ll witness the trouble it takes to be one in all the simplest fighters within the world.

MMA may be a sport of inches, wherever each step counts and each movement matters. high-powered by Ea SPORTS IGNITE, the exactitude Movement locomotion system grounds the fighters, eliminating false slithering and slippy across the canvas. additional realistic physics-driven movement delivers additional realistic action because the overall transfer of energy from the bottom up delivers additional impactful and plausible strikes and takedowns.

To own the belt, you\'ve got to be dominant on your feet and on the mat. Ea SPORTS UFC re-invents the bottom game to make a battle for position and management that captures the strategy of a submission battle. just like the real sport, in Ea SPORTS UFC fighters can go through multiple stages as they work to advance or escape a fight-ending submission.


Every fighter is aware of that one sensible shot will ruin your day. Ea SPORTS UFC introduces a non-linear harm system which may end in massive harm coming back from one strike. The system produces a larger kind of cuts and contusions that\'s true-to-life and has ne\'er been attainable during a simulation fighting game.

A mixed martial creator uses the atmosphere to his advantage and for the primary time during a UFC game, you\'ll be able to too. A dynamic atmosphere permits you to drag off jaw-dropping moves victimisation the Octagon™, together with roundhouse kicks, superman punches and far additional. mix those talents with the simplest hanging technology within the business which one good strike might amendment the fight.


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