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Monday, September 15, 2014


Developed completely for the Playstation 4 by Evolution Studios, Driveclub is all concerning you and your friends. It’s concerning teamwork, it’s concerning everybody fighting for each other and earning rewards along and most significantly it’s concerning sharing within the sheer thrill of each race. Relish the thrill of high-speed solo racing, or be part of a racing club to find what Driveclub is all concerning. Created specifically with the next-generation gamer in mind, the networking power leverages by Driveclub and social capabilities of the PS4 system to seamlessly connect you and your friends, continuously permitting you to share your experiences, receive and send challenges, and keep up to speed together with your team’s performance.
Driveclub brings to life the center and soul of automobile culture. A fantastic, authentic and immersive driving expertise, Driveclub causes you to feel the excitement of driving the foremost powerful and fantastically designed cars within the world, all rendered in staggering detail, within and out as you race them in richly careful real-world locations aboard your Club.

Key Features

Join A Club

Get a lot of by enjoying inside a Club and gain access to a lot of special challenges and PS4 racing, be a part of associate degree existing Club or produce your own and group with up to 5 different drivers. Everything they are doing helps you, and everything you are doing helps the Club come through a lot of. Unite along and represent your Club with made to order team colours and logos for your cars. 

Earn Accolades & Fame

Completing objectives and challenges, winning races driving in each location or beating Faceoff can all contribute to you and your Club earning Accolades. Accolades offer you and your Club a number to the celebrity attained in each race, permitting you and your Club to unlock new content and participate in additional races.

Take on Faceoffs & Challenges

Constant and varied challenges keep the racing feeling contemporary and distinctive, providing a pick-up and play diversion expertise to suit each player's life style. Each section of each track offers a replacement chance to Faceoff with another racer within the Driveclub community to earn Fame for your and your Club. Costumise your expertise by making your own challenges, and share them with the planet.

 The World's Coolest Cars

Hand-picked for his or her power and sweetness, every of the cars in Driveclub may be a pleasure to drive, recreated with associate insane level of detail and accuracy each within and out, in person customise the cars in your garage to point out off your distinctive look or represent your Club’s colours out on the track.

Stunning Real-World Locations
Inspired by real world roads from various regions across the world, the racing tracks in Driveclub gift a spread of various challenges for each driver. Follow technical maneuvers on the open, fast freeways of Canada, check your reflexes on the unpredictable kingdom roadways, or sharpen your high-speed steering skills on the mountain and dust-filled roads in Republic of India.

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